[English Transcript Animated] Lower Your Gaze – Mufti Menk

[Islamic Animated] Lower Your Gaze – Mufti Menk – Blessed Home Series

I always say that today a woman has been reduced to basically an object of sex. An object of attraction for a male. And all the males are just filled their eyes and just… their eyes must be quenched and that’s it.

So when you see the naked women on the street, you don’t appreciate your own wife, you don’t because you’ve seen much better than her. You’ve already seen.

So Allah says, “Look O man! Lower your gaze as well!

It’s no excuse, even if they’re doing that, lower you gaze. There’s a story of one of the mashaikh, one of the scholars. He mentions a story that there was a man in the United States. He was a religious preacher. He entered a lift, young man. And when he was in the lift, the lift stopped at the second floor. And a female entered it, she was semi nude. And he looked down, and he did not look at her. And she was agitated, irritated.

The first time in her life somebody’s not looking. And she’s stamping, and she’d doing… trying to make a noise. And the two of them are alone in the lift. And he just looks down, he doesn’t say a word. The lift stopped, she wanted to go higher. When he came out, she came out behind him. This is a true story. She came out behind him and she created a discussion.

Hi! You know what, I’m very offended!

Am I so bad, so dirty, so ugly, that you couldn’t even looked?

Now she’s being honest. This is how the women have been trained… that you need to attract men at large. You need to attract men at large.

So… “Am I this… that you couldn’t even looked?

And he says, “Look my sister, you know what, I’m a Muslim, I respect you so much, really, and I have a wife, and I have this and I have that…

And I don’t want to insult myself and yourself by staring at you, what am I going to gain by it…

And he explained to her in a beautiful way. And she asked for his number. Now imagine if someone asked you for the number, wow, masha Allah!

And respectfully the man agreed. And felt that… I will get the people to get in touch with her and explain. After sometime, she excepted Islam.

And she says, “Islam has liberated me, from being a person who cannot leave the home without half an hour in front of the mirror, without spending on different types of designer clothing.

Islam has liberated me, I just put on a black cloak and I walked out.

That’s it.

I just put on a cloak.

It doesn’t have to be black, but the dark colors are better, because it makes you less conspicuous. Imagine you have the abayas that are pastel green, pastel orange, I don’t think it would go down well, subhanallah.

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