[English Transcript Animated] Episode 5: The Quest of Salman Al Farsi | Lessons from The Seerah – Yasir Qadhi

Episode 5: The Quest of Salman Al Farsi | Lessons from The Seerah – Yasir Qadhi

Salman Al-Farisi. Salman Al-Farisi, what was his story? Salman Al-Farisi was the son of the fire keeper. So his father taught him how to keep the fire going and whatnot. So, he would go and take care of the fire and come back home, that’s his job. They’re priests of the fire. They’re priests of the Zoroastrian, or the Majus we called them.

So Salman Al-Farisi would go to the fire and keep on lighting it up. He said, he’s narrating the story himself). He said, “On the way there, on the road there, there was a Monk who had his small Monastery.”

You know, the Monks had a little cave to have the Monastery.

“And he would be worshiping.”

“Singing his hymns, praying, all day and all night.”

“And it intrigued me that this person has a different religion.”

“And I passed by every day, and I’d listen to his hymns, I’d listen to his chanting.”

“And it was mesmerizing.”

“And it attracted me.”

“So one day I had guts to basically go and ask him, ‘Can you tell me about your religion?'”

And so, the Monk began to preach Christianity to Salman Al-Farisi. And slowly but surely Salman Al-Farisi realized that what he’s doing is idolatry, And what the Monk has is a version of Tawheed, and worship Allah, and whatnot. So he became attracted to Christianity. He secretly converted.

When his father found out, his father locked him out with chains. Prevented him from leaving the house, tortured him. Because he’s the priests. How can your own son convert to. So it’s a big matter of shame.

And attempted to exterminate him. So Salman Al-Farisi managed to escape from his own house. And run away to Syria, which is the land of Christianity. And the Monk had already told. The Monk had been executed, because he converted the son of the priest. So they killed the Monk.

That the Monk had told him that, “Go to such and such Monastery, and you will find people of my thought.”

So Salman Al-Farisi went there. And then to make a long story short, every time he went he became the disciple, the main disciple of the Monk. And the Monk taught him how to worship, he remained a Christian. When each one died, he would tell him to go to another one, and this happened four times.

When each one died, he would say, “Okay now you go to this guy,” so he went to that guy.

When he came to the fourth one, when the fourth one is about to die, listen to what he says. He says that, “My companions who sent you eventually all over to me, my group of people.”

“I don’t know anybody remaining upon that understanding of Christianity.”

“All gone now.”

“This was the group that we had but I don’t know anybody left upon our understanding of Christianity.”

“But, you have come to a time when the Promised One is about to come.”

What did they tell him? They said, “You’re just about to come to the time when the man that Jesus Christ predicted is about to come.”

“We know it, the signs has been met.”

What are these signs? We don’t know. But these people knew. So they’re telling Salman, the signs have all come. And his time is just around the corner.

So, he told Salman, “My advice to you is you go seek this man out.”

“Go seek this Prophet out!”

“How? Where am I going to go?”

“I will tell you three signs.”

“Number one, he shall appear in a land that is full of dates.”

First sign, go to the land there is known for dates.

“Number two, he will have a physical mark on his back.”

In Arabic we call Khatim, the seal of Prophecy, I’ll talk about this Insha Allah later on. This is second sign. Number three he said that, “This man will accepts gifts, but he’s never going to accepts charity.”

He will accepts gifts, but he will never accepts charity. Salman asked, (his Shaykh died, his teacher died, this is the fourth Shaykh now, from his eyes). So we can imagine, you know, he’s probably on 50 years old at this time.

So he asked, “What is the land that is the most well known for producing dates?”

He asked in Syria. He’s told, “The land of Khaibar.”

Khaibar which is close to Yathrib. So, he asked around, “Who amongst you going to Khaibar? How can I go to Khaibar?”

So he is told, “There are Arab caravans that trade in Damascus here.”

“Get one of the caravans and go to Khaibar.”

Now, Salman is a Monk, he’s a priest. He has no money, he has no prestige, he has no clan, he has no society. And so he says to a group of Arab traders, “Are you going to Khaibar?”

They said, “Yes, we’re going to Khaibar, come with us.”

When they came, when he join their caravan, they kidnapped him, meaning they took him as a slave. So Salman is taken as a slave. And instead of ending up in Khaibar, he’s sold to a group of Yahudi who happen to live in Yathrib. Which is later to be called Madina. Because he had that sincerity.

And so for decades, he toiled in Madina as a slave, as a 70 years old man, Subhanallah! As a slave he’s toiling in Madina. And rumors began to spread, of a man claiming to be a Prophet.

And rumors began to spread that he’s immigrating to Madina. And the Yahudi began to be worried, in trepidation, because they thought this is the King of the Arabs who’s coming. And when the King of the Arabs comes then we’re in trouble.

And Salman he tells us his story that he was collecting dates from the top of the tree. And he heard his master speak with his brother, the master and his brother. That the King of the Arabs has arrived.

This is the first Hijra. The first day of the Hijra. The King of the Arabs has arrived. This he’s been waiting for the last 20 years, he literally jumps down, and he runs to his master and says, “What happened? Did he come? Did he come?”

And the master slaps him across the head and says, “Go back to your work! What are you worried about?”

“You’re slave. Go back to your work!”

So, Salman goes back, finishes what his doing. When he finishes the chores that are assigned to him, he takes some of his dates, which was his own food. And he comes to the Prophet shallallahu alaihi wa sallam. This is on the second-third day that he’s in Madina.

And he says that, “I heard that you are a stranger in this town, here is some charity for you.”

Puts it in front. So, the Prophet shallallahu alaihi wa sallam tells the Sahaba, “Kulu”, “Eat!”, but he doesn’t eat anything. The second day after his chores are over, he brings another plate, and he says, “Today I have come with you with some dates and this is a gift to you.”

So the Prophet shallallahu alaihi wa sallam tells the Sahaba “Kulu”, but he eats as well. So Salman now his heart is racing. This is the land of dates. One sign has been met. Now, what do I do to get to the third sign?

So he’s stands up and he goes behind the Prophet shallallahu alaihi wa sallam trying to take a peek, if he can look into his shirt, to see what he can do. And when this old man goes behind the Prophet shallallahu alaihi wa sallam, and starts peering and peeking, the Prophet understood. So he unbuttoned his shirt. And he lowered it. He lowered it behind his back. To literally show him the pigeon mark, the Khatim.

And when Salman saw this, he began crying, and he began wailing, and screaming, He came and he kissed the hands and the feet of the Prophet shallallahu alaihi wa sallam and he told the whole story.

And the Prophet shallallahu alaihi wa sallam said, “We must help you for your freedom.”

And the people put a ridiculous price on him. When they knew the Prophet shallallahu alaihi wa sallam wanted him, they said, “You must give us a hundred fifty date trees.”

Date trees.

Salman says, “Where can I get 150 date trees from?”

So the Prophet shallallahu alaihi wa sallam said, “Next time is the season to plant the seeds, call me.”

So the Prophet shallallahu alaihi wa sallam came with his own hands, he planted 150 of those trees. And within a year there was full trees, so here’s your ransom. Salman you’re free. And Salman became a free Muslim because the Prophet shallallahu alaihi wa sallam pay for his ransom through that Barakah.

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