[English Transcript Animated] Don’t Abuse Forgiveness – Mufti Menk

Don’t Abuse Forgiveness – Mufti Menk

When you forgive your spouse, you are help yourself build the powerful relation, you learn to love one another and when you have been forgiven by your spouse do not abuse it.

They are not Al-Ghafoor and Ar-Raheem. They are not most forgiving most merciful. They might be able to forgive you once. if you are lucky, twice in a lot of case it does not extend to a third time. They are human being, but still we are talk to forgive as many times as we can.

But when we have been forgiven, don’t look at each other weakness. It’s not a weakness. Many people think you know what where’s she going to go? No way.

I’m giving her a life. I’m giving her everything. Wallahi, Allah will cash you. Allah will cash you. People think I can do whatever I want. This women yeah I merry to her, where she are going to go?

She got five children with me and I live with her for how many years? She can’t do anythings. She‘s got no one to go to. Her brother and sister are married. Their father and mother passed a way and so on. Now it’s okay what I do to her.

Be careful! She might forgive you. You don’t know. Those that forgiveness. It’s not a weakness. It’s actually a strength. The most she forgive you. The happy a life between her and Allah. She will lead and guess what?

The fact that she has forgiving you. Does not necessary mean that Allah’s (subhaana wa ta ‘aala) is please with you. It’s doesn’t mean Allah is happy, and He is watching. He knows, the record is taken. He can see.

So, therefore, please Allah’s (subhaana wa ta ‘aala), by trying your best, not to repeat the sin.

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